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Development is done through the  R&D company 3DDynamics.
The Company’s strength is in it’s 12 years of R&D in the field of data acquisition the advanced 3d algorithms  including it’s “SteadyScan” motion-compensation algorithm compensating for heartbeat and breathing.

Resulting in highly sophisticated, accurate, flexible and competitive 3dscanners. The data acquisition is highly flexible, while based on standard hardware which can be upgraded and improved easily over time, can capture from a fingerprint to larger artefacts (2 M) .

The Algorithms are being used/ licensed in several industries from security, engineering, cultural heritage, medicine, computer graphics to entertainment, animation. It’s latest product/license release will be in the end-consumer market.




3DDynamics will introduce it’s 3d data acquisition capabilities at Euro ID in Berlin on April 24-26.

Its developed algorithms are specialised in capturing human data of all skin type. This data capture is fast,  reliable and gained interest of several governmental organisations worldwide.

Fields of applications are full body and facial data capture at  secured facilities like prisons, facial capture for high resolution 3d data storage used by governmental institutions creating a database of personnel and visitors. Also “non touch” hand palm scanning capturing several fingerprints incl. the full palm has advantages in the security as well as the medical field.

3DDynamics specialists will be available for appointments on the Euro ID Booth  B8 in order to discuss partnerships in recognition and data storage as well as discussing the advantages of 3d data efficiency in storage and retrieval.