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PicoScan 3D scanner

The PicoScan is a compact, easy to use, practical 3D scanner that produces high quality 3D data. With the PicoScan, one can only scan small, static objects which cannot move during the scanning process. 

The package includes:

- a standard Canon DSLR camera
- Pico projector
- mounting parts
- Mephisto scanning software
- mini-tripod
- calibration board
- optional: turntable

A very simple setup and a few clicks are all what it takes to produce outstanding 3D scans with high resolution colour textures. The PicoScan is upgradeable to the PicoPRO by changing the camera or it is upgradeable to the EOSscan by changing the projector. 

You can download sample data files here.

The PicoScan has a favourable quality-cost ratio. You can contact us for more information. 


PicoScan specifications

Main geometry camera Canon EOS 1100 D /
Rebel XS
Resolution 968 x 644 8 bits
Lens mount Canon EF
Standard lens Canon kit 18 - 55 mm
Zoom lens
Texture resolution (megapixels)2.4
Projector type Pico Projector
Projector resolutions (pixels)800 x 600
Projector brightness (ANSI Lumen)40 Lumen
Working range near (m)0.15 m
Working range far (m)0.8 m
Acquisition time (seconds)20 seconds
Point to point distance (mm)0.16 mm
Point accuracy (mm)0.1 mm (average)
Deep scan Yes
Turntable software mode Upgrade to EOS Scan
Canon scanning Yes
Computer Minimum system requirements:

Windows 7
32 bit or 64 bit OS
Intel core i3
3.1 GHz
Nvidia or ATI openGL 2.0 / Direct X10 Graphics card
Min 512 MB RAM with dual monitor support
USB 2.0 port available
At least 20 GB free disk space