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Mephisto 3D Body Scanner

Mephisto multi scanner systems are suited for tasks requiring near simultaneous 360 degree scanning - for example body scanning for medical or Film entertainment industries. Easy to set up and configure, Mephisto Multi systems are an excellent choice for the task.



3D body scanner setups




Multi system Mephisto setups could be based either on CX-PRO, or EX-PRO scanners, retaining technical specifications of the scan

ner used. Two to eight scanners are supported in the system. A simple calibration procedure determines the position of each scanning system, allowing to produce pre-aligned scanning data - therefore saving time and effort to produce 360 models.



3D body scanner quality

The Mephisto Body scanner will perform each scan at a speed of 0,24 sec, totalling a full   at 1-2 sec's depending on the settings.
The "SteadyScan" option is 4DDynamics own developed motion compensation module, which is compensating for the small motions like heartbeat and breathing. This will guarantee a high quality mesh. Optional you have the choice of using a Canon DSLR for capturing high quality texture or vertex colour, also the optional use of diffuse flashes will provide a good choice for capturing high quality texture maps.

3D body scanner applications

For a body scanning application short-throw projectors could be used, therefore reducing the space needed to rig the system.
Dual scanners for face scanning can be mounted on a single aluminum or carbon rig or can be mounted on their individual tripods.

We can advise you on the best setup for your particular application, get in touch with our 3D body scanning experts and ask for a personal quote. Product & Technical documentation can be downloaded from the 3D Body Scanner Product Information section.