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The BodyPRO scanner is a more elaborate version of the IIIDBody. With its combination of 4 CX-PRO or 4 EX-PRO scanners, it produces higher quality features. To use this 3D scanner, manual work is required.

A simple calibration procedure determines the position of each scanning system, allowing to produce pre-aligned scanning data. This saves time and effort to produce 360° models.

The BodyPRO scanner, based on Mephisto software, will perform each scan at a speed of 0.24 sec, totalling a full scan at 1 or 2 seconds, depending on the settings. Inherent is the 'SteadyScan' option, which is our own developed motion compensation module. It compensates small motions, such as heartbeat and breathing and will guarantee a high quality of the 3D data.

The package includes:

- 4 CX-PRO or 4 EX-PRO scanners
- 4 laptops
- 4 poles
- mounting parts
- Mephisto scanning software
- optional: Canon DSLR camera 
- optional: tent
- optional: SteadyScan module
- optional: calibration board

You can find data samples here.

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