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Launch IIIDBody in NY !


IIIDBODY in NY office

IIIDBODY in NY office














On March 27th, 4DDynamics launched it's fully automated IIIDBODY through its NY office with a grand opening of The Atelier.

The fully automated 3d Bodyscanner is being launched as a disruptive Bodyscanner which will be available for Shop in SHop locations to the end-consumers. It can handle a scan volume of 500 - 1000 people a day in fully automated mode.

End consumers will be able to use their scan for sharing online, ordering 3dprints, or even playing online games through our iPhone game App.

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IIIDBody comes fully integrated with our personalised 3d web platform


Welcome to the Future !

We see not only a trend in a lower cost factor of the hard/ software combination, a lower accepted resolution, but also a need for adapted 3dsoftware for the semi-professionals. This to accommodate the growing 3dprinting market which is currently also moving away from it’s initial prototyping market into custom design and the personification trend for the semi-proffesionals and even the end-consumers.

 Does this mean we stop serving our high-end professionals ? On the contrary we continue to provide the highest quality data and expertize possible to achieve with the choosen hardware. We value our partner network and will serve them even better with a more automated pipeline and easy to use scan and process interface based on Metro styling. And our high-end Bodyscanners perfectly combined with a colour 3dprinter arehigh in-demand.

One of our new features ALL customers can benefit from is that all Mephisto Process users now have the option to output not only 3ddata files but also can export for web viewing in html5 ! So immediatly share your scans, no matter how complex on the web including nice colour representation through our internal render engine !! Perfect a lso for web catalogues ;)

For our New customers who are interested in good quality data out of low cost hardware ? Check out our latest 2 releases ! and be amazed what high-end algoritms can do :) 

Oeps one more thing, be sure to watch out for the Evolution on our 3dplatform ! We are on Facebook but not only with Pics like most of you ;) share your 3d files through Facebook and Twitter, be amazed to wake up in the virtual world and use your new ID in your own game on your iPhone or Pad, so follow